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Cedar Rising

Pink amethyst/ Flower Agate towers

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Size medium large 

The golden hue on tower A &C are golden healer. A beautiful combination of flower agate, pink amethyst and golden healer! Working together to bring you rays of loving healing energy

Pink amethyst properties: 

Pink amethyst forms when hematite meets amethyst giving it a pink colour. It’s an incredibly soft, light, loving energy with strong a healing ability, especially with anxiety, stress, trauma, and grief. Pink amethyst increases intuition and clarity of mind, it connects you with a deep sense of worthiness, going to the root of insecurities and disconnect, going to the roots to bring healing effectively with love. 

*No piece is the same and each piece is uniquely different but all are high end quality* 

Flower agate: Encourages you to grow and blossom, this stone pushes you to your highest potential to help you manifest your dreams, resulting in guiding you to make a plan for meaningful growth in your life. This is a very powerful stone that is associated with the heart and root chakra. 

Golden healer : The master healer, golden healer is like a ray of healing sunshine and brings firepower forward, it aligns with your energy to bring healing to where you need. It’s a great physical and emotional healing stone.