Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki has many benefits such as:

-Promotes relaxation to the mind body and soul

-Improves Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and more)

-Improves memory

-Improves sleep

-Clears mind and energy blocks

-Helps reduce pain and discomfort mental and physical

-Strengthens immune systems and speeds healing

-Enhances meditation

-Helps spiritual growth and helps bring out psychic abilities

-Enhances intuition

The benefits of Reiki are different for each person and circumstances.

*You can have a focused intention for your Reiki session.*

* Reiki Bookings are coming soon! Once my storefront is open you can book a session with me** Please email if you have any questions!

About Reiki and Chakras

Reiki is universal energy healing that is done by channelling light energy and sending it through your chakras. Chakras are spinning energy points in your body. Having Charkas balanced and aligned is beneficial for overall energetic wellness. Each Chakra individually has its own benefits when they are aligned and on a high vibration. Reiki is one of the most powerful and effective ways to address energetic imbalances in the body and balance your chakras.

Crown- Spiritual connection, Channel to the physical body

Third Eye- Perception, Intuition 

Throat - Speaking truth 

Heart - Giving and receiving love, Forgiveness, Healing 

Solar Plexus - Ego, Authenticity, Personal Power,

Sacral- Creativity, Expression, Emotions

Root- Stability, Security