Hi there, so happy to have you here! My name is Sarah. I'm a Reiki Master and Crystal Shop Owner. I have been divinely guided to combine my passion for Reiki Energy Healing and Crystals together to create my company, Cedar Rising. My goal is to spread love and healing. I offer a wide variety of high-quality crystals, jewelry, crystal candles and Reiki sessions.

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All candles are made with 100% Pure essential oils and natural wax... 

What is Reiki?

Reiki practitioners deliver healing energy, by channelling high universal energy to provide psyche, body and soul wellness. Reiki is safe, natural, can not cause harm and always helps.

Reiki sessions are just as effective from a distance because Reiki practitioners channel energy and energy is not limited by distance.

Crystals are great elements that I like to incorporate into my Reiki sessions.

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