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Cedar Rising

Ocean jasper/ Moss agate moon fox

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Ocean jasper moss agate growing together is not common, high quality stone, hand crafted. 

MOSS AGATE & OCEAN JASPER - A grounded and rooted spiritual connection, highly connected with earth, water, fire and air together, to bring mind,body, soul balance and healing. This energy creates an energetic channel to push yourself to heal for your highest good, to express, get creative, relax, slow down, heal things deep within your body by going down your roots. Although this stone will help you heal it will also uplift and make the world of healing work seem less heavy. A spiritual stone that will connect you to higher realms in a grounded and safe way, it will help guide and promote safe spiritual growth, lessons and development for your highest good.

There is so much magic in this stone, truly stunning hand crafted piece of earth and piece of art.