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Cedar Rising

Flower agate towers

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High quality flower agate, lots of flowers, some pieces have some pink amethyst in it too! 
Look closely at each picture to see the beauty in each piece 

Pink amethyst properties: 

Pink amethyst forms when hematite meets amethyst giving it a pink colour. It’s an incredibly soft, light, loving energy with strong a healing ability, especially with anxiety, stress, trauma, and grief. Pink amethyst increases intuition and clarity of mind, it connects you with a deep sense of worthiness, going to the root of insecurities and disconnect, going to the roots to bring healing effectively with love. 

Flower agate: Encourages you to grow and blossom, this stone pushes you to your highest potential to help you manifest your dreams, resulting in guiding you to make a plan for meaningful growth in your life. This is a very powerful stone that is associated with the heart and root chakra.