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Cedar Rising

Amethyst towers (red

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From Brazil *some of these pieces do have a bit of natural roughness, not all crystals can be polished into the smoothest point, I find pieces with natural roughness can tell as story and as a crystal lover I still appreciate them, most of these crystals can be displayed pretty side up, natural roughnesses can be spiritual portals and tell a story. These pieces are so unique and one of a kind because they all have special patterns and inclusions of red amethyst and citrine* please look at all photos taken of piece you are called too, I throughly took pictures of each piece

product A - has sungite inclusions 

product b - has a natural rough hole, can be used as a portal for spiritual purposes 

product c - has citrine and red amethyst

product D- has flower chevron and red amethyst 

product e -  small piece of amethyst with red amethyst inclusions 

product f - has citrine and red amethyst 

Product  h - has red amethyst and amethyst

product j - has spiderweb amethyst with some natural roughness on one side

product k- has amethyst and red amethyst and a slight bit of citrine

Product l- has citrine in it